Recommended Read: The Day the Dinosaurs Died


Very cool – I learned a lot from the article, The Day the Dinosaurs Died. The impact of the KT asteroid was as powerful as a billion Hiroshimas. It caused earthquakes that were a thousand times more powerful than anything humans have experienced. Sediments thousands of miles away basically liquified […]

El Castillo pyramid is built on an Underground Lake

Untouched Maya Artifacts Found at Chichén Itzá

Archaeologists earlier discovered that the El Castillo pyramid of Chichén Itzá is built on an ancient cenote (water-bearing sinkhole or underground lake). Now, they’ve found a nearby cave with hundreds of untouched artifacts. The network of caves is huge – last year, researchers with the Great Maya Aquifer Project mapped […]

Neanderthals Were Not Simple, Unintelligent Brutes

Photograph: Michel Soulier/SSAC taken for The Guardian

More than 1,000 feet inside a cave in SW France are several circles comprised of about 400 broken stalagmites. They were built by someone or something 175,000 years ago. Was it cave bears pushing aside stalagmites to hibernate? No. The largest ring is nearly 22′ in diameter and has relatively […]

Ancient Spanish DNA Changed by Near Genocide

Ancient Spanish DNA

More on the apparent genocide 4500-5000 years ago that happened when people from the steppes near the Caspian Sea moved into the Iberian Peninsula. Though 60% of the region’s DNA remained the same, the Y chromosomes were almost totally replaced. This indicates that men from the steppes appropriated all the […]

Amazing Ancient DNA

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Ancient DNA is showing us some amazing things! For instance, a group of nomadic herders from the Asian steppes arrived in Europe about 5,000 years ago and pretty much wiped out the existing population of hunter-gatherers and early farmers. A nearly complete genocide, probably made possible by new technologies including […]

Could Pompeii Happen Again with “Supervolcano Timebomb”?

Mount Etna in Sicily is currently erupting. Most don’t recognize that it is part of the dangerous Campanian Volcanic Arc that extends along Italy and wraps around southern Sicily. A Campanian eruption 39,000 years ago was probably the second most powerful eruption in the world in the last million years, […]

First Modern Briton DNA

Analysis of ancient DNA indicates the man who lived near Cheddar, England 10,000 years ago had dark skin, dark, wavy hair, and blue eyes. This is further corroboration that in the movie Clan of the Cave Bear, it would have been more accurate to have Ayla played by Halle Berry […]

Homo Erectus “Upright Man”

Humans butchered a woolly rhino in the Philippines 700,000 years ago, but it surely wasn’t us. We weren’t around yet and wouldn’t be for at least another 350,000 years. Odds are, it was “Upright Man” – Homo erectus, who had made it out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years […]

Our Ancestors Trip to Australia

All non-Africans trace their ancestry to a single intrepid population that probably took a “beachcomber” route along the SE Asian coast sometime between 80,000 and 60,000 years ago. Evidence is building that our ancestors made it to Australia as early as 60,000 years ago. Even though sea levels were much […]