See What Readers Are Saying About Earth Brothers 

“…seriously good water scene, you really feel the adrenaline and it’s very suspenseful.  For the rest it’s just freaking breathtaking…”  KC Shelton, MBA


“The best book of this genre since Clan of the Cave Bear!  I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to the sequel.”  Jeffrey C Eckert, MS Geosciences


“The story is fascinating, dramatic, quite moving in parts.  The characters are well defined and developed.  You can see how well researched and authentic the whole story is which is filled with so many interesting details.  And the ending is quite satisfying.  Well done!”  Marlene Adelstein, noted editor


“Incredible book.  You need to teach a class on this…”  Doug Beveridge, VP Land, King Ranch


“Overall the writing was impressive. I thought the characters were well developed and the sense of time and place vivid.”   Bill Contardi, noted agent


“Several members of my team – including me! – have read your novel and we’re all quite impressed.  Not only with the quality of your writing and character development, but also with the incredibly detailed research and documentation that you provide of the “dawn of pre-civilization” 45,000 years ago. You really transport us into Moctu’s dangerous, complex and revelatory world. Congrats on a job well done.”  Scott Busby, CEO of Busby Group


“Great book. Suspenseful and exciting Neanderthal thriller. Honestly, the last thing I thought I would be engrossed in.”  T Maloney-Rames, Professional Editor 


“I’m loving your book! I am a big fan of Clan of the Cave Bear and the series and find your manuscript to be extremely interesting.  You’ve done a beautiful job with everything! I cannot even imagine all the research you’ve put into it and am simply astounded with how in-depth it is.”  Carol McCrow, Professional Editor


“I have really enjoyed reading your book! It is not my genre at all, so it’s all the more surprising that I found myself drawn into the story so much that I couldn’t wait to see how the threads were resolved…and you did a fantastic job of weaving everything together, with unexpected plot twists along the way. Very sensitive to women’s issues here too, and I know women reading it will appreciate that.”  Debbie Burke, Author of Glissando, A Story of Love, Lust and Jazz