Following in the footsteps of Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave BearMoctu and the Mammoth People is a compelling thriller about a strong, young, dark-skinned Cro-Magnon boy who must fight his rival for leadership of his tribe and the right to mate the beautiful and talented Nuri.

Coming of age, Nuri finds herself challenging the strict constraints of tribal customs as she tries to avoid being mated to a man she despises.

Set in Paleolithic Italy 45,000 years ago, Moctu also has confrontations with the “Pale Ones,” a fierce group of Neanderthals that some call the People Eaters. Are they friendly, or are they a threat to his tribe? Finding out may get Moctu killed and eaten.

This is the first book in a series depicting the emotional and physical challenges and dangers that these early people faced daily. It is an intensely-researched story that brilliantly intertwines the latest archaeological and genetic discoveries, drawing the reader into life during the Ice Age.

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An engaging, realistic account of when our people met up with an entirely different set of humans – the Neanderthals.  Genetic and archaeological data indicate that this actually happened in southern Europe about 45,000 years ago when mammoths and saber-tooth tigers roamed the land.  Science Corners on many pages feature amazing topics such as how genetics show that most of us are part Neanderthal, the earliest musical instrument ever found, and what factors likely caused the demise of Neanderthals.