Waiting for lightning to strike?

It’s inconceivable to me that some researchers still want to portray Neanderthals as so stupid and undistinguished that they lived in ICE AGE Europe for at least 250,000 years without the ability to start fires. I’ve lived through several German winters – they’re brutal – even without it being an […]

The Largest Fossil Human Turd

THE LARGEST FOSSIL HUMAN TURD came from a Viking riddled with worms. Okay, this article ends with the authors “flushed with their success.” I’m sure some of us out there can do better than that – give it a sht, I mean shot! Read the full article from Vintage News

Ancient Bling – Galena Glitter!

NATIVE AMERICANS LIKED THEIR BLING. At the Kincaid Mounds settlement in Southern Illinois, they used so much galena (a glittery, silver-colored lead sulfide) that they left the nearby water resources polluted with lead. It’s estimated that from 1150-1450 CE, they used more than 3000 pounds of the ground-up material as […]


HOMOTHERIUM was a saber-tooth cat that lived until about 12,000 years ago in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It was formidable – at nearly SEVEN FEET IN LENGTH AND 500 POUNDS, with long, curved “scimitar” serrated teeth it could bring down a mammoth – and it often did. Friesenhahn Cave near […]

First Neanderthal Activity Found on Greek Island

The first ancient “Greeks” on Naxos Island were Neanderthals.  Naxos, formerly thought to be initially inhabited about 7000 years ago, looks like it was occupied at least 200,000 years ago, based on Neanderthal artifacts found by researchers.  Neanderthals could have reached the island during a sea level low-stand or by […]


Never thought I’d be speechless, but…. “Maybe due to the religious myths that have been hammered into our collective consciousness for millennia, human beings, especially in the west, have a tendency to see ourselves as once innocent, and now depraved. Once upon a time, we did it as nature intended […]

The Oldest Human Footprints in Europe

900,000-year-old footprints found near Norfolk, England are the OLDEST HUMAN FOOTPRINTS FOUND OUTSIDE OF AFRICA. Speculation is that they were made by Homo antecessor, who was probably an ancestor to those of us around today. Read the Full Article on earth.com

Otzi the Iceman

THE OLDEST PRESERVED HUMAN BODY is that of Otzi, a 5300-year-old “wet mummy” that was found still partially encased in glacial ice in northernmost Italy in 1991. Otzi is far older than the Egyptian and Incan mummies, or the peat bog bodies in Northern Europe, and he holds several other […]

Massive Bronze-Age Slaughter

A MASSIVE BRONZE-AGE SLAUGHTER occurred more than 3200 years ago in Northern Germany near a bridge across the Tollense River. Based on several years of excavation, archaeologists estimate that as many as 5000 combatants fought a vicious battle where more than 1000 may have been killed. Since 25% of the […]

Oldest Artifacts Found In North America

3500 YEARS BEFORE CLOVIS people left their distinctive artifacts, there were intrepid explorers who made it into the Americas. A trove of artifacts recently unearthed in NW Idaho indicate that people arrived there about 16,500 years ago, long before the ice-free corridor opened. The artifacts feature stemmed points very similar […]