Göbekli Tepe

BUILT 7000 YEARS BEFORE STONEHENGE, Göbekli Tepe in Turkey is awe-inspiring. Covering at least 22 acres, it features more than 200 T-shaped, image-covered, stone pillars up to 20 feet (6m) tall and weighing 22 tons (most of the ~100 stones at Stonehenge are of similar size, with a few being […]

World War Zero

In percentage terms, WORLD WAR ZERO WAS FAR WORSE than WW1 and WW2 combined, and the bad guys seem to have won. Remember the Beach Boy song Surf City, that had the line, “Two girls for every boy?” Well, paleo genetic studies have detected a severe Y chromosome bottleneck over […]

“New Man”

In the late 1600’s, he would go to the Dussel river, which runs through western Germany, to get inspiration for his poems. One of his 60 poems became famous, and to this day is commonly sung as a hymn in churches. People loved him during his short life, and in […]

Think About This

Think about this: There is more genetic similarity between an Australian aboriginie and a Northern European than there is between most people of different tribes in Africa. How can that be? Well, about 70,000 years ago, one group made it out of Africa (with their relative lack of genetic diversity), […]

Feeding the gods

136,000 SKULLS. That’s what Andres de Tapia, one of the conquistadors, described seeing on towers and racks as they victoriously entered Tenochtitlan in 1519. Revulsed by the barbarity it represented, the conquistadors tore down the racks (called tzompantli), paved over the ruins, and began building what would become Mexico City. […]

Ancient Seafarers

Scientists have grudgingly begun to admit that our species was able to cross large stretches of ocean perhaps as long ago as 60,000 years. Turns out we probably weren’t the only seafaring human species. A new study–based on genetics–proposes that Denisovans similarly found a way to navigate the deep waters […]

Fast and Furious Paleohuman Discoveries

PALEOHUMAN DISCOVERIES ARE COMING FAST AND FURIOUS, both from the genetics side and from the discovery of new bones. Think about it – until 2010, we knew NOTHING about Denisovans – didn’t even know they’d existed, much less contributed more to our gene pool (at least in SE Asians) than […]

Was there a Biblical Flood?

Gilgamesh is the oldest known novel in the world, first written in Sumeria about 4100 years ago, about 1500 years before the Old Testament. In it, Gilgamesh comes across the only survivor of a catastrophic flood, and many scholars believe this influenced Moses in his later writings about Noah’s flood. […]

A Huge Wall of Flood Water

map of flood

Imagine a huge wall of flood water thundering toward you and your family as you camp by a peaceful stream. That’s what some unfortunate Clovis people in present-day Washington State undoubtedly saw after an ice dam broke and Lake Missoula gushed out 13,000 years ago. The wall of water was […]

The Oldest Fingerprint From An Early Modern Human

Oldest Fingerprint

The oldest fingerprint from an Early Modern Human was that of a child found on the 26,000-year-old Venus of Dolní Věstonice ceramic figurine (from the Czech Republic). This 4.4” statue is the oldest known ceramic article yet discovered in the world. More than 140 of these obese, nude, female statuettes […]