Q&A with Neil Bockoven

Q : You’re an award-winning geologist and journalist and have published many scientific articles.  What compelled you to write Moctu as a novel?

A : The inspiration for it came as I was doing research into why Neanderthals died off so quickly after we, Early Modern Humans, arrived in Europe about 45,000 years ago (hint: our rather bloodthirsty species is also a prime suspect in the demise of three other human groups – Homo erectus, Denisovans, and the Hobbit people of Flores). I hadn’t planned to write a novel, but I realized that there was an incredible story to be told about these early humans – their interaction with a different human species and their struggles for survival in a violent, primitive world.

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Episode 47: Bockoven Interviews I || Inspire the Muse Podcast

In Episode 47 of the Sparks to Life Podcast, we talk to several authors about their respective creative processes. Join us as Inspire the Muse talks to Neil Bockoven, Thom Vines, Denis Fitzpatrick, and Brock Beard.
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