Homo Erectus “Upright Man”

Humans butchered a woolly rhino in the Philippines 700,000 years ago, but it surely wasn’t us. We weren’t around yet and wouldn’t be for at least another 350,000 years. Odds are, it was “Upright Man” – Homo erectus, who had made it out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years before and spread as far as China to England.

That Homo erectus made it across a stretch of ocean and then butchered a rhino is not as surprising to me as the researchers who ascribe it to individuals who were “blown there by a hurricane and then scavenged carcasses.”


At least 57 stone tools were found nearby and other bones of deer, turtles, monitor lizards and a stegodon (elephant relative). Why is it so hard for some scientists to admit that early man was pretty ingenious and probably had crude boats and could hunt? Wooden spears that are 400,000-500,000 years old found at Boxgrove, England and Schonigen, Germany, amidst thousands of bones, indicate early man was a skilled hunter. Is it so hard to believe that he could fashion a raft and paddle to an island he could see? It’s arrogance to think otherwise.

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