Was there a Biblical Flood?

Gilgamesh is the oldest known novel in the world, first written in Sumeria about 4100 years ago, about 1500 years before the Old Testament. In it, Gilgamesh comes across the only survivor of a catastrophic flood, and many scholars believe this influenced Moses in his later writings about Noah’s flood. Even the 4100-year-old Sumerian King List mentions the eight kings┬áthat ruled long ago before “the Flood that swept over the land.”

With that in mind, let’s turn to Lake Agassiz, a huge glacial meltwater lake that covered much of Manitoba and large areas of the mid-western USA. It was bigger than any currently existing lake in the world, including the Caspian Sea. As the Wisconsin Ice Sheet melted, ice dams broke and there were major outpourings 13,000, 10,000, and 8,200 years ago. After the first two of these, the lake refilled. The 8,200-year outflow was large and the lake drained nearly completely. Researchers have estimated that it raised global sea level by as much as NINE FEET in short order. Ryan and others (2003) have tied this to the breaching of the Bosporus and the inundation of the Black Sea area, a bread-basket population center at the time.

So as it turns out, many of the legends and stories in Gilgamesh and the Old Testament may be based on fact. Isn’t science fascinating?


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