Human Interbreeding

Okay, we know about our hookups with Neanderthals and Denisovans. Europeans and Asians all carry 1-5% Neanderthal genes, and some Southeast Asians are 6% Denisovan. But now we find there are two more skeletons (no pun intended) in our closet (okay the pun WAS intended). Two unknown species have been detected by traces surviving in our DNA. Most of our… um, interactions with these other species appear to have happened in Southeast Asia. Homo floresiensis and Homo erectus both lived in that area and are likely candidates, but it could easily be a different species that we know nothing about.
The study also suggests the rapid demise of these other human species once we came into contact with them. Very sad. We may have intentionally wiped them out or brought diseases to them. What do you think happened?

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